Step 1 – before/after Flash Sales start

  • Register your Astro Account to see all the Flash Sales items
  • Sign in to your GO SHOP account and get ready to purchase Flash Sales items during the sales period

Step 2 - Flash Sales Open 5 – 19 Feb

  • Click on the sale item and Purchase
  • Copy the given ‘Code’ and click Buy Now (remember to register/login to your GO SHOP account)
  • Click on the ‘Register Promo Code’ to paste your code
  • Proceed to Check Out

步骤一 - Flash Sales开始前

  • 请马上注册您的Astro账号,以浏览全部Flash Sales 产品
  • 请预先登录您的GO SHOP 账号以便在促销时段购买Flash Sales 产品

步骤 二 - Flash Sales从2月5日至19日

  • 点击 “促销产品”, 选择“购买”
  • 复制指定“代码”,然后点击“马上购买”(请记得注册/登录您的GO SHOP账号)
  • 点击 “注册优惠码”『Register Promo Code』,然后输入指定“代码”
  • 进行结账

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main sales

Grab these crazy flash deals up to 90% discount! Exclusively for Astro Customers.

*T&C apply
* All products delivery will be fulfilled after 30 working days upon campaign completion on 19 Feb 2019

手快有,手慢冇!疯抢高达90% 惊人大闪售!只限于Astro用户.

* 所有产品将会在2019年2月19日优惠期结束后的30工作日送出

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