Happy Whoopee 手机游戏

如果你对Tamagotchi不陌生,那你必能体会养 “宠物” 的乐趣!免费下载Happy Whoopee手机游戏应用程式,成为新一代宠物的主人,陪它散步、替它洗澡及装扮、参加狗狗时装秀等趣味性十足的互动功能。

玩家可完成指定任务,或透过不同Whoopee周边产品和管道获得特别QR码然后用扫描,以赢取金币(Gold Nugget)和惊喜奖励,当中包括令人爱不释手的“Teenager Whoopee”和“Baby Whoopee”玩偶限量非卖品、电影周边产品和余仁生折扣券。

Meet Whoopee, your new virtual best friend! Whoopee is a happy and curious puppy that dreams of becoming an astronaut. Play, feed, and watch Whoopee grow to unlock rewards, special items and backgrounds! Play with Whoopee, level up and you could win a cute Whoopee soft toy!


Happy Whoopee Applications
Happy Whoopee Applications